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Since 2006, Linda has booked Affordable Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry for patients in Turkey.  All patients who use Linda’s service receive a treatment discount.  Linda is afforded preferential treatment rates.

Speak to Linda and discuss your requirements without any obligation or complete the Customer Enquiry.

Linda has been arranging dental treatments in Turkey since 2006. This followed her personal experience of Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey back in 2005. At the time, she could simply not afford the treatment at home. The price for specialist dental treatments in the UK was (and still is) too expensive. Linda was absolutely delighted with the high level of service, the end result and of course the price!  Why not book your affordable dental treatments in Turkey.

The clinic aims to see you on your first morning in Turkey.

If you are having Veneer, Crown or Bridge treatments, Please allow 6 working days to complete your treatment.  All Good Quality Implant Brands Available.  A single Dental Implant treatment only requires 1-2 days in Turkey. If you require multiple Dental Implants please allow 6 working days to complete your free temporary prosthesis.  Your Surgeon will advise you when to return for the permanent Implant Crown/Bridges to be placed.  This is normally 3-5 months later.

Linda has the ‘patient experience’ and knows what’s involved in travelling for treatment abroad. It is very important to ask questions.  An informed patient is a happy patient.

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  •  Linda has been arranging Affordable Dental Implants and cosmetic smile makeover´s in Turkey since 2006.

  • DISCOUNT applied on All Smile Makeover´s.

  • English speaking Oral Surgeon and Dentists.

  • FREE local return Hotel-Clinic Transport.

  • Always happy to answer any concerns you may have.

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"Linda from the UK organised the treatment for me and I couldn’t of been more happier with the service I received.  She was brilliant any questions I had she was more than happy to answer everything."


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