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Linda from the UK organised the treatment for me and I couldn´t of been more happier with the service I received. She was brilliant, any questions I had she was more than happy to answer everything. In terms of the dentist, I had 24 Zircon Porcelain Crowns, a Root Canal and a Bridge. The dentist was of such high quality service, it was very clean and professional. My teeth were in a pretty poor condition when I went to this dentist and now I feel I have the confidence to smile again.

I was there for just over a week in total and felt totally at ease the whole time I was there. The dentist who did my dental treatment was Dt. Mrs. Zehra, possibly one of the best dentists I have ever been to. The service was much better than what I would of received in the UK. I can say the dentist is 5/5 and I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to go there. I can´t thank the team enough at the dentist for making this journey very pleasant for me.

- David, UK -

I went to the dentist on 9/10/15. I had 11 crowns done and teeth whitening at the bottom and came away with the perfect smile. I was so worried about going to Turkey to get my teeth done but, so glad I did. The price it cost me was 1,700 where in the UK it would have been 6,500 which I could not afford. I think they did a great job and bent over backwards to make sure everything went well. I could say they were much better than my own dentist in the UK. Spoke very good English and always on time when they picked me up from the hotel. Can´t wait to go back soon and get my bottom ones done. See you soon guys. Verry happy with my new smile. A big thank you to the team. 

- Louise G, UK -

Hi, I would highly recommend the clinic in Konyallti. It´s a state of art and both dentist´ are perfectionists. My dental treatment in the UK would cost me approx 14,000. Here, I got my 17 Zircon Crowns done for 3,145. I am extremely happy and pleased with my smile and can smile with confidence now. Thank you very much to all the helped me. Experience was perfect my mum is thinking of getting her crowns done aswell. They pick you up and drop you off from the hotel. It is very convenient. They are very helpful, the driver even took me to Mcdonalds on the way back to my hotel.

- MO Birmingham -

I received super treatment at the clinic in Koyaalti. Dr. Ozgur and Dt. Zehra saved my smile. The dentist´ really care and took pride in the end result. I have had Dental Implants and Zircon Porcelain Crowns Bridge treatment. My before and after shots are on the treatment page. Absolutely delighted with the end result.

- Linda, UK -

I was all done in one week. They saved me from wearing dentures. Dr. Ozgur is a Genius

- Jim, UK -

16 Zircon Porcelain Crowns and 2 white fillings. I was apprehensive about going with this company at first because it was so cheap compared to some places I looked at in Turkey. But Linda put my mind at ease. So glad I went ahead because I don´t think I would of get better service anywhere else. I can´t say enough about Linda and all the staff at the clinic, they could not have done anymore for me. My dental treatment was excellent.

Dr. Ozgur is a perfectionist and a really nice person. I could not be happier with my new teeth and smile. I was given a white filling for FREE of charge as one of my teeth had a cavity. The clinic itself is a brand new building - everything is brand new and top spec. 110% clean-you even have to wear over shoes to step foot in the place. Really does put the UK dentist clinics to shame.

- Darren, UK -

I am just back from a week in Antalya getting 18 crowns fitted after I had seen a local dentist who advised that the work would cost in the region of 10,000. I stumbled across Linda´s website and decided to get a quote. I was astonished at the price of the dental treatment I got back was 2,500 for the same Zircon Crowns. On arrival I was picked up from the hotel by the staff from the clinic and was introduced to the dentists. After consultation and an x-ray, it was decided that I needed an additional 2 extractions which I was not charged for. 

A great advantage was that the Laboratory is actually owned by the dentist so that the temporary crowns were available within a few hours. & days later I walked out with a great smile and got the chance to meet a great professional team who take great pride in their work and sent home a happy client.

- Mohammed, UK -

I would like to express my absolute sincere thanks to this clinic for making my visits during my treatment personal, efficient and the hygiene was second to none. The dental treatment I received is to perfection and the results were truly amazing. My family and friends cannot believe the end result.

- UK -

I know people can be apprehensive about going abroad for cosmetic enhancements. But WOW! I am on cloud nine after the transformation of my smile. I have not smiled in photographs for about 7 years. Dr Ozgur, is not only friendly, he is charismatic and easily puts fears at bay. Dr. Ozgur has a gift from God. How he transformed my smile can only be described as a miracle.

My teeth look amazing, they look so natural. Not only did i get an amazing smile. Dr Ozgur has given me confidence within myself and most of all the care he and the other staff did for me during my stay in Antalya.

I was so happy at the final fitting I cried. I cannot express how I feel. Thank you just is not enough. You gave me so much more. These wonderful caring people have the ability to not only transform your smile but also your life. I am so grateful.

Dr. Ozgur´s team ... very professional, friendly ... they couldn´t do enough for you. Thank you Linda who helped me to organise my appointments, and gave me advice and guidance on hotels in the area and organised for me to be picked up each visit and my chauffeur a very nice man, spoke good English and always very punctual.

I am already considering going back in a few months to get my lower front teeth revamped. Also did I mention that all the work was completed in ONLY SIX DAYS!!!

- Tracy, Scotland -

Dt. Mrs, Zehra done a fantastic job creating my new smile. I love it.

- Lin, UK -

Dt. Zehra is a star. Very professional and efficient and also very beautiful!. Arrived at the hotel on Saturday, picked up by Burak on Monday, transport to the clinic and hotel by the clinic staff-hotel half an hours drive away. Dt. Zehra, after dental inspection, recommended 14 crowns which included 2 bridges over teeth in the bottom jaw which I had lost as a child. After 4 hours in the chair all 14 teeth were prepared, impressions taken and I walked out that afternoon with temps in place. Cost a fraction of the cost of the Uk and Europe. Would a UK dentist put transportation to his clinic for you??? He would think you were slightly insane if you asked-that is if you could get an appointment in the first place! My advice to anyone requiring dental treatment - go to this clinic in Turkey, book a good class hotel with your saving on treatment because the food is superb

- C.W, UK -

Absolutely delighted with the service and my end result. Can´t thank you enough.

- Spain -

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